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24 Man State Team Means Business

Posted by director on June 9, 2012

DSCN0112.jpgLook out, Okeechobee! Here come the Lakeland Jr. Bassmasters,  twenty-four anglers strong!  A swarm of gold and black will be invading Lake Okeechobee like never before with plans to rule the water and bring home to Lakeland every piece of hardware available. The Lakeland Jr. Bassmasters' State Team is bigger and brings more experience to the table than ever before.  Bozeman, the defending State Champion, will be accompanied by eight other returning State Qualifier Teammates from the Lakeland Jr. Bassmasters. The rest will be first-timers at this event; however, they bring plenty of experience to the table. We will have 12 younger and 12 older anglers competing this year at the Florida Bass Federation Nation Jr. State Championship. No home court advantage can stand in the way of pure talent and determination put forth by the Lakeland Jr. Bass masters!!  We have flippers, we have crankers, we have topwater freaks, and they are all coming out to play on Lake Okeechobee. GOOD LUCK ANGLERS!!!