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2nd Degree Black Belt ????

Posted by director on April 7, 2013

DSC_0156.jpgLook out, Jr. Bass Master's, we have some hidden talent among us! Trenton Wert, soon to be 13 years old, has been studying Karate for the past 6-7 years. He is currently a 2nd degree black belt and hits hard! Trenton displayed his talent during the weigh in Saturday by breaking not 1, but 2 cement bricks! Who would have guessed Trenton packed such a punch for a little guy. Needless to say, he is our newly appointed head of security for the Lakeland Jr. Bass Master's. Trenton has been a member since last year, and we are proud to have him on our Jr. Bass Master's team. Keep up the good work, and good luck in all you do.