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IMG_0547 (513x540).jpgIMG_0568 (488x540).jpgThe first tournament of the 2016 season kicked off at Lake Kissimmee. It looks to be another exciting season coming up. Stanley Flesher took top honors in the older division with 11.19lbs of large mouth bass. Stanley was followed by Jonathan North with 9.68lbs. Big Bass in older went to Austin Stillion with 6.58lbs. First place in younger division went to Sammy J Acree with 9.89lbs. followed by Garrett Thomas with 8.06lbs. Big Bass went to Garrett Thomas with 3.34lb. A great start to another great year. 


IMG_2478 (360x331) - Copy.jpgThe Classic Winds up another exciting year for the Lakeland Jr BassmastersIMG_2500 (360x320) - Copy.jpg. Top honors in the Younger Division belongs to Sammy J Acree with 26.81lbs of bass. Followed by Sebastian Greico  22 .76lbs. Older Division won by Roger Weigel with 23.28lbs. Followed by Jonathan North 21.33lbs. Big Bass for Younger Division went to Jeff Worthy at 5.89lbs.. Older Division Big Bass went to Cole Schmucker at 5.77lbs. Congratulations to all anglers for another fine year and will see you in January.

IMG_1321 (337x420) (289x360).jpgIMG_1340 (420x397) (360x340).jpgLots of excitement for the last tournament of the year. 2 anglers battling for younger division angler of the year. The Younger division angler of the year was decided by 4.8 oz. Stanley Flesher took top honors with 90.82 lbs. Followed by Bryce Goff, our 2014 winner, with 90.52lbs. The older division was captured by Roger Weigel with a whooping total of 122lbs. Largest net total for a season by any Lakeland Junior Bassmaster angler.

Harris Chain results: Stanley Flesher took top honors in younger division with 14.89lbs. Followed by Bryce Goff with 13.11lbs. Older division was won by Kolbi Morgan with 10.46lbs followed by Russ Butler with 9.43lbs. Big Bass Younger was won by Fisher Cusic with 7.44lbs. Big Bass older was won by Russ Butler 3.17 Congratulations to all the anglers on a great year.

IMG_0881 (620x573).jpgIMG_0851 (620x567).jpgThe Lakeland Junior Bassmasters did not catch General Sumpter but came close, Top spot in the younger division was Bryce Goff with 8.67lbs followed by Trenton Bennett with 8.33lbs. The older division top spot was taken by Shane Schmucker at 8.97lbs followed by Richard Vennum with 8.95lbs. Big Bass in the Younger division was Trenton Bennett at 8.33lbs, Older division Big Bass was taken by Shane Schmucker at 6.71lbs.

IMG_0225 (414x450).jpgIMG_0209 (361x450) (257x320).jpgIt was a real rumble at Roland Martins even the motorcycles were roaring. First place in the younger division was taken by Sammy Acree with 24.93lbs followed by Jeff worthy 20.75lbs. The older division was won by Cody Russll with and eye popping 2 day total of 33.35lbs. Cody was followed by Roger Weigel.with 25.60lbs Big bass in Younger was won by Sammy Acree at 5.64lbs. Older big bass was won by Christian Greico with a trophy catch of 8.17lbs. The Lakeland Juniors caught 416 bass at 736.58lbs. Well done!!