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Cooper And Crawford Win!

Posted by director on August 4, 2014

LakeDora2014_262_297x320.jpgCrawford claims his 2nd Jr. Bassmasters win this season andLakeDora2014_246_305x320.jpg Cooper claims his 4th. Crawford brings in 9.95 pounds of largemouth bass on his home waters to claim victory. This will definatley improve his chances of a top five finish putting him closer as many anglers struggled on this body of water. Cooper struggled all day he says, but not before landing a 8.17 pound bucket mouth on his 3rd cast. This would prove to be the one and only fish he would land all day. However this one fish gave him a win with the Jr. Bassmasters, $100.00 Trophy Catch and $100.00 Tagged fish reward. All in all this has got to be one of the most rewarding fish catches we have ever had during a Jr. Bassmasters event. Well guys, two more events will decide it all. If you are in the hunt you need to buckle up and either hold your ground or make a big move. Both lakes have proven to produce 20 plus pound bags.  Good luck to all and see you on September 13th for the Istokpoga Bash!

Junior Bassmasters Bring Home Some Hardware!!

Posted by director on June 24, 2014

I have to say I am the Proudest Jr. Club President in the State. The Lakeland Junior Bassmaster members showed their stuff on Lake Kissimme durring the B.A.S.S. Team State Championship this past weekend. We took 4 of the top 5 team positions in the Junior Division and 3 of the top 5 team positions in the High School Division. Roger Weigel and Brice Goff took 1st Place in the Junior Division and are now both the Florida State Team Champions. Chase Dimotta and Jonathan Jones trailed by ounces to take the number 2 slot in the Junior Division. Brice Goff brought in a 9.22 pound fin freak to clinch big bass honors. In the High School Division Junior Bassmaster members Hunter Adrian and Chandler Cornelius took the 2nd place position followed by Matt Bedenbaugh and Kyle Stafford rounding out the top 3. All four angler were representing George Jenkins High School, one of the many new High Schools getting in on the action. All I can say is great job to all Lakeland Junior Bassmasters and thanks for such awesome representation from all anglers, boat captains and parents. See everyone on July 12th, Lake Shipp!!  Y E S  Lake Shipp!

Reid and Goff Win on Hatch

Posted by director on June 13, 2014

June92014_308_340x480.jpgBrice Goff Takes top honors in the 11-14 Age Division on Hatch! Goff remiansJune92014_280_354x480.jpg in the lead for the angler of the year race as well. This is Goff's 2nd Jr. Bassmasters win this season keeping his competitors at bay. Goff is not only a great angler but carries himself well with the other anglers and is a good representation of the sport. Reid the new guy, shows up with a bang! His first tournament and pulls out a win in the older age division letting every one know he is here to compete. Congrats to both winners and thanks to all the anglers, boat captains,parents and tournament staff that help make this program what it is today! See you on Shipp July 12th, good luck to all!

May122014_288_480x429.jpgConner Price claims his first Jr. Bassmasters win of the seasonMay122014_262_480x374.jpg on the Kissimmee Chain and slides into that top 5 spot! Price made a big move this past weekend and puts himself in a good position for a comeback on the Angler of The Year title and that trip to the 2015 Bassmasters Classic. He has some work to do, and with four other guys determined to do the same, that won't make it easy. Jones and Goff remain within a pound of each other battling for the same. Speaking of easy, Chris Cooper wins his third event this season making it look easy. Talk about on FIRE! Chris Cooper is on Fire. Jackson Williams has got to be feeling the heat as Cooper is now less than a pound away from taking over the Top Dog position. Williams is always right there and in the game, so this should get pretty interesting. Can Williams hang on to that #1 position? Is this just the start of a Conner Price comeback? Lake Hatchineha, June 7th, will tell the story.  See you there!

Jones and Vennom Win on Okeechobee!

Posted by director on April 28, 2014

BigO6.jpgBigO1.jpgJonathan Jones takes his 2nd Junior Bassmaster win in the younger age division this season bringing 16.53 pounds of bass out of Lake Okeechobee. Jones takes over the Angler of the Year race with this win and hopes to hang on with 6 more events left. And WHAT, out of nowhere, Richard Vennum, new to the Junior Bassmasters, shows off his skills on Lake Okeechobee weighing in a whopping 20.07 pounds of fin freak bass straight out of Lake Okeechobee. Lake Okeechobee was good to most, and with the weather turning more windy than most liked, showed it's true, unpredictable self. This bothered some anglers, confused some anglers, and helped some anglers. This is why it's called fishing and can be one of the most rewarding yet disappointing sports out there; however, it's just for that reason that the anglers on the Lakeland Junior Bassmasters Team are out there. Whether they are bothered, confused or just downright disappointed, they keep on fishing, and those that never give up will prevail in the end! I am honored and proud to be a part of this organization, and so should each angler, parent, and volunteer that helps make the Lakeland Junior Bassmaster's what they are today. See you on Kissimmee, and good luck to all!

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