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Shane Schmucker & Roger Weigel WIN!

Posted by director on April 28, 2014

Shane Schmucker and Roger Weigel Jr. win on Sunday competing as a team in the Junior Division of the B.A.S.S. Nation Florida High School Series. Schmucker and Weigel weighed in 11.13 pounds on Lake Okeechobee, anchoring their bag with a 4 pounder to clinch the 1st place spot. Fishing as a team was a new but rewarding experience for the two, who normally compete against each other as individuals. The team format offers a new and exciting way to get out on the water and feed off each other's knowledge and test your skills. The two worked well together and got it done representing the Lakeland Junior Bassmasters well. Coming in 5th from the Highschool side were Sheffield and Myers representing Auburndale High School, and coming in 7th were Cole Schmucker and Bradley Cullaton respresenting George Jenkins High School. Congratulations to all, and good luck in all you do.

Tournament pictures here.

Cooper Strikes Again! And Wert take His 1st Win!

Posted by director on April 8, 2014

Toho11.jpgTrento Wert Wins his 1st Jr. Bassmaster event bringing in 11.90 pounds of bass. Wert moves up just outside the top five in theToho3.jpg standings after winning on Lake Toho getting him closer to a top five finish and securing his trip to the 2015 Bassmaster Classic if he can hold on. Cooper wins his 2nd event in a row keeping him at the top in the older age division. Cooper weighed in 14.56 pounds at Toho. Cooper has also weighed in the 2 biggest bags of the year so far. The big "o" is next and as we all know, no lead is safe on any lake, especially Okeechobee. The big "O" is known for big bass freaks and 20 plus pound bags. This could prove to be the game changer for some and keep things interesting for sure. Good luck to all and see you on the Big "O"

Goff and Cooper bring in the fish!

Posted by director on March 12, 2014

shipp1410.jpgBrice Goff, Rookie to the Lakeland LkSh-3.jpgJunior Bassmasters wins his age division weighing in over 12 pounds pushing him straight to the top of the leader board. Chris Cooper hauls in over 15 pounds of fin freaks to win the older age division advancing him to the top as well. Both of these anglers now lead the pack in their respected age divisions keeping them strong in the running for the Angler Of The Year title and one tournament closer to that trip to the 2015 Bassmasters Classic. We have 7 more tournaments that will decide it all. Toho is next and I am expecting some big bags to be brought to the scales. We have some of the best anglers in the state of Florida. Those at the top could stumble and if they do there is always someone in the shadows waiting to pounce. Someones going to catch a monster bag on Toho, Who will it be? Hold you heads high and always strive to be the best you can be in all that you do!!

Kissimmee Brings the Wind and Rain

Posted by director on February 17, 2014

DSC_0082_640x427.jpg229.jpgOnce again not so great weather for the Lakeland Junior Bassmasters, However some faired better than others. Most anglers braved the wind and some even got a little rain. After the second tournament of the year we have some anglers stepping up, getting it done and making the veterans nervous. After all, this year more than ever everything is on the line, including a trip to attend the 2015 Bassmaster Classic with Van Soles. O Yea, Top 5 in each age group courtesy of Van Soles will be taken to root him on at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on Lake Hartwell in South Carolina. Jonathan Jones wins the 11-14 age division giving him a boost to the top with Bryson Temples taking 2nd. Kyle Stafford finishes 1st in the 15-18 division followed by Dalton Akins comming in 2nd. This is the year to top all years with so much ridding on those top 5 positions. Plenty of time left in the season, and anything can happen. Winterhaven Chain, here come the Lakeland Junior Bassmasters March 8th. Good Luck to all and hopefully we will have some good weather. 

Van Soles Wins The Bassmaster's Southern Open

Posted by admin on January 27, 2014

van_soles_hi_res_img_4828.jpgCongratulations to Van Soles on his big win. Van weighed in over 50 pounds of bass at this past weekends Bassmaster's Southern Open taking top honors. Van Soles is one of our very own boat capatains and our Progressive Insurance rep. for the area.  Its not just the win, this also secures Van Soles for a spot in the 2015 Bass Master's Classic. Can you believe it someone we actually know fishing in the Bassmasters Classic. I tell you what Jr. Bassmasters, a lot of good things are happening with anglers connected to this club. Luke Ferguson doing what he did at the college level and now one of our boat captains winning a Southern Open and going to the 2015 Classic! We got some good luck rushing through this organization. I will be getting with Van to invite him to our meeting on Feb 12th. I want the junior Bassmasters to see that trophy and let Van tell you first hand how it feels to do what he has done. WOW!  Congrats to Van Soles!!!