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Barnes and Williams dominate on Harris

Posted by director on October 10, 2013

DSC_0859.jpgSammy Barnes ran away from theDSC_0853.jpg

15-18 year olds pack with 13.18lbs and big bass of 4.62 lbs, while Jackson Williams of the 11-14 year olds won his division with 11.56 lbs and the biggest bass of the day at 4.74 lbs.  In the younger division, second place went to Jonathan Jones (10.3), third to Seth Lake (5.09), fourth to Bryce Goff (5), and fifth to Joseph Crawford (3.86).  Sammy's big bag was followed by second place Hunter Adrian (7.75), third to Kyle Stafford (6.14), fourth to Jordan Marrero (6.11), and fifth to Luke Ferguson (5.19).  Fulfilling one of his dreams, Ferguson wrapped up Angler of the Year 2013 with 138.06 lbs.   In a true nail biter, proving the tournament perfectly named, Roger Weigel claimed Angler of the Year 2013 for the younger division with 112.71 lbs, beating out Williams by one pound.  Well fought season, anglers!