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Bozeman Breaks the Century Mark

Posted by director on June 25, 2012

DSC_8792.jpgBozeman breaks the century mark and enters in to the 100 pound club with the Lakeland Junior Bassmasters. His 2nd place finish at the State Championship this past weekend on Lake Okeechobee places Bozeman into a club he has been trying to achieve for years now. He missed it by a little over 3 pounds last year.  Bozeman says it feels good to finally reach this mark and credits the growth of the club for allowing such opportunities for all anglers. Bozeman will more than likely have company in this 100 lb club as we have other anglers within striking distance. The club has five tournaments left for anglers to race for Angler of the Year, Rookie of the Year,   and to join the 100 pound club. There is a lot of opportunity for all anglers to chase different goals and titles. I am proud of the growth of the Lakeland Junior Bassmasters and will strive to grow it even more.