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Crankin Proves to be Deadly on Ariana

Posted by admin on June 9, 2012

SAM_0610.jpgDustin Bozeman goes deep to weigh in a 23 pound bag and takes 1st Place in the Assault on Ariana. His go deep off shore plan produced solid fish, and Azuma crankbaits were the weapon of choice. Bozeman pulls out in a pretty good lead for the Angler of the Year race but admits no lead is safe with the quality anglers fishing this club. "There are plenty of guys that can pull big bags at any time, and you can't let up," says Bozeman.  However, the Angler of the Year race in the 11-14 age group is still pretty tight with the two leaders,  Chris Cooper and Dalton Gorman, within ounces of each other. Weigel, Barnes and Schmucker trail within reach, however, and we have more than half a season for it to be anyone's game. Newcomer, Jordan Stewart, makes his presence known by winning his first tournament with the Lakeland Junior Bassmasters. Look out for the new guys!!!!!

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