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Goff and Cooper bring in the fish!

Posted by director on March 12, 2014

shipp1410.jpgBrice Goff, Rookie to the Lakeland LkSh-3.jpgJunior Bassmasters wins his age division weighing in over 12 pounds pushing him straight to the top of the leader board. Chris Cooper hauls in over 15 pounds of fin freaks to win the older age division advancing him to the top as well. Both of these anglers now lead the pack in their respected age divisions keeping them strong in the running for the Angler Of The Year title and one tournament closer to that trip to the 2015 Bassmasters Classic. We have 7 more tournaments that will decide it all. Toho is next and I am expecting some big bags to be brought to the scales. We have some of the best anglers in the state of Florida. Those at the top could stumble and if they do there is always someone in the shadows waiting to pounce. Someones going to catch a monster bag on Toho, Who will it be? Hold you heads high and always strive to be the best you can be in all that you do!!