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Jenkins and Rogers Win on Rochelle

Posted by director on May 12, 2013

DSC_0213.jpgDSC_0228.jpgBen Jenkins and Jacob Rogers both have a big win on Rochelle, pushing them both into the top 5 positions for the year. Jenkins now takes over the number 3 position in his age division, while Rogers takes over the number 5 position in his age division. Williams and Thomas  finish 2nd in their age divisions, with Hill and Schmucker rounding out the top 3. Things are constantly changing with this group of anglers, and look out Okeechobee, here come 36 of the Lakeland Junior Bass Masters. The Big O will be taken over by the best young anglers in the state of Florida. The Lakeland Junior Bass Masters took home 3 of the top 5 positions last year, and we have the experience to do it again. I can assure you, things will change in the standings after the 2 day State Championship. This is the true test of endurance as it is a 2 day competition. Who will prevail? Who will come out on top or just hang on by a thread? Get ready to rumble with some awesome Lake Okeechobee fishing!

See pictures here.