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Lake Parker Showdown with Bobby Lane

Posted by director on January 8, 2012

IMG_2641.JPGChris Cooper in his rookie year is showing off his catch of the day to win the Lakeland Junior Bass Masters season opener on Lake Parker with Bobby Lane.  This was Chris's first tournamnet ever.  This 7.9 pounder earned Chris a fishing trip with Bobby Lane after the tournament.  Bobby Lane took Chris and winner of the older age group Harry Linsinbigler back out on the lake for a little time on the water with a pro!  Lake Parker proved to be tough for many anglers and even stumped some of our best. The season has just started and 11 more tournaments will decide Angler Of The year 2012. Who is in it for the long haul, who can stay consistent all year, time will tell. Keep up with the site and for more info on standings and tournament info check out our tournament trail page.