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Leaders In Both Age Divisions Hold Their Lead !

Posted by director on March 3, 2013

DSCF2583.jpgDSCF2556.jpgWeigel extends his lead over Williams by over 7 pounds whileBozeman holds close to Ferguson by a pound. Ferguson continues his limit catching abilities with another limit of fish, being 1 of only 5 limits caught on Saturday. Ferguson is the only angler left that has caught a limit every tournament this season. Conner Price wins Big Bass Honors bringing a 5.50 bucketmouth to the scales. Blagg and Stafford lead in their age divisions for Rookie of the Year. But look out!  Here come Rogers and Hill, both making big moves of about 10 positions, now in reach of a top 5 position. A lot of movement going on with positions. East Lake Toho is next month. This water has never been fished by the Lakeland Junior Bassmasters. I have high hopes of a great tournament with lots of limits and big fish. This will be prime time fishing for East Lake Toho, and we will have one of the best weigh-ins this year thanks to Joe Clements with Toho Marine and Outdoors. Joe will be giving demo rides in new bass boats to parents and families and bringing some prizes and give-aways to our weigh in. This will be an event not to miss.  Register today. Thanks to all; keep your lines in the water and see you next month. 

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