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Roger Weigel Trailed Cooper by Ounces

Posted by director on January 8, 2012

IMG_2636.JPGRoger Weigel keeps an eye on the competition from the Bobby Lane hot seat  for most of the weigh in seeing if his 7.4 pound bass and 8.6 pound bag will hold up. Weigel has fished about 3-4 tournaments with the Lakeland Junior Bass Masters and is of to an awesome start for his 2012 season. Weigel will trail Cooper going into the next tournament on Lake Summitt and all the veterans better look out.  This first tournament sent a message that new kids can fish too. Weigel and Cooper will start the season with a good solid head start above the rest.  However the Angler Of The Year title is an endurance war of who can keep it going all season. This is just the begining of a long road ahead. The Summitt Slam should prove to be very interesting for this younger age division.