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Soft Plastics ReBaits

Posted by director on May 27, 2012

DSC_8651.jpgThe Lakeland Jr. Bassmasters ReBaits program is now under way. Let's keep soft plastics out of our lakes and keep bass from eating used soft plastics which they cannoy digest. Over 17 pounds of soft plastics were collected from one B.A.S.S. event alone. I would like to see how much in soft plastics we can collect for the rest of the year. To help motivate our young anglers, friends, and family, we will add banquet raffle tickets to our ReBaits program, awarding 1 ticket for every 5 ounces of soft plastics turned in. We will keep a running total of all soft plastics for every angler and issue tickets accordingly.  There will also be a special award for the angler turning in the most soft plastics for the year. So spread the word to friends, family, or whoever you can get to rebait their soft plastics.  Let's see who can bring  the most soft plastics to our next meeting!