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Tough Day on Parker for Jr. Bassmasters

Posted by director on January 13, 2014

257.jpgEven though we started the season off with a BANG!! at the ramp, once in the water Lake Parker wasn't giving up many fish and proved to be very tight lipped for most anglers. Only 2 limits were caught and left most anglers scatching their heads wondering what to do; however, 2013 Angler of the Year, Roger Weigel, 229.jpgmanaged to scratch out a winning bag of 4.81 pounds, with rookie, Mark Brown, trailing with 4.46 pounds in the younger age division. Newcomer, Dean Baxley,  took top honors in the older age division with 8.60 pounds, follwed by Dylan Gossett with 7.84 pounds. This was not what we were looking for out of Parker compared to last year. Regardless, we had a good day, good weigh in, and got a chance to get the cobwebs out of our reels. It's a slow start to the year, but Kissimmee could make up the difference. Kissimme can be your best freind or your worst enemy, giving some anglers a boost and leaving some anglers in the dust. Where will you fall? The race is on for 2014 Angler of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Big Bass, Big Bag, and more. This is the tournament that will not only produce big bags, but big fish as well.  Spool up you favorite braid, hold on, and we will see you on Kissimmee Feb 15th. Good luck to all!