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Van Soles Wins The Bassmaster's Southern Open

Posted by admin on January 27, 2014

van_soles_hi_res_img_4828.jpgCongratulations to Van Soles on his big win. Van weighed in over 50 pounds of bass at this past weekends Bassmaster's Southern Open taking top honors. Van Soles is one of our very own boat capatains and our Progressive Insurance rep. for the area.  Its not just the win, this also secures Van Soles for a spot in the 2015 Bass Master's Classic. Can you believe it someone we actually know fishing in the Bassmasters Classic. I tell you what Jr. Bassmasters, a lot of good things are happening with anglers connected to this club. Luke Ferguson doing what he did at the college level and now one of our boat captains winning a Southern Open and going to the 2015 Classic! We got some good luck rushing through this organization. I will be getting with Van to invite him to our meeting on Feb 12th. I want the junior Bassmasters to see that trophy and let Van tell you first hand how it feels to do what he has done. WOW!  Congrats to Van Soles!!!