Video Poker Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better video poker was born out of a minor restructuring during which the highest paying poker game at the time, Draw Poker, was redesigned. As a result, instead of Two Pairs, the Jack and the cards are the smallest payment hand.

Jacks or Better is the most popular video poker game today

In the full version of the game, the return to player is 99.54% . The full paid version of the video poker game offers the highest return to player experience. Many traditional poker rooms and online casinos offer the same video poker game, but each sets its own payout percentage – somewhere in some combinations the percentage increases, and somewhere it decreases.


The full version of Jacks or Better is also called “9-6” and is based on full house and flash payouts. Jacks or Better is not as easy as it sounds. You can play it at casinos powered by Microgaming , Playtech and RTG .

Jacks or Better video poker variations

The theoretical payout or payout percentage is only part of the history of video poker. Another important point is that the game of poker has several variations . Depending on the chosen variation, you can determine how the winnings are distributed. If the variance is high, it means that the chances of winning are also quite high. In the case of low variance, most of the winnings are just small prizes. Big money wins are extremely rare.

Jacks or Better is one of the most affordable variations of video poker. However, its variance is low, which means that you will win quite often, but not much.

Due to the low variance, you will need a small bankroll. Much less than if you were playing another variation of video poker with higher variance.

Jacks or Better strategy

To get closer to the 99.54% payout percentage, try to constantly improve your skills at Jacks or Better. To do this, check out our Jacks or Better strategy article .

Anyone who wants to get closer to the stated theoretical payout should fully study the principle of the Jacks or Better strategy. Only this will help to achieve the maximum payout percentage.

The optimal Jacks or Better strategy

This strategy will allow you to more effectively approach your desired payout percentage of 99.54%.

As you can see, there are 3 times more possible combinations in the optimal strategy than in the main one. If you take learning the optimal strategy seriously, or if you just have a good memory, you can master it quickly and efficiently.

Free Jacks or Better Game

A great way to learn how to play Jacks or Better is to practice your strategy online for free and without downloading . Most casinos provide this opportunity.

Another way to “make friends” with the game is to play video poker using free no deposit bonuses . However, you should make sure that the game, in particular Jacks or Better, allows you to play with bonuses. The fact is that many online casinos only allow playing for bonuses on slot machines. Also read the terms and conditions for wagering bonuses in video poker. They are often stricter than for the same slots.

Play Omaha poker online for free

play omaha poker

When seeking for an alternative to Hold’em, one should pay attention to the possibility to play Omaha poker online, the rules of which are very similar to it. This game is very dynamic and addictive but it is also more challenging.

Play Omaha poker online — start learning its rules

Those, who are finally interested in how to play Omaha poker online, have to start with its rules. They are similar to Hold’em and differ from it in the features for constructing combinations and in the number of hole cards dealt with the players. They will be explained below.

The participants make the blinds. The small blind is made by the gamer, which starts the deal, and the player to his left makes the big blind. The sizes of the blinds are determined by the table limit, while the small blind is half the big blind.

Omaha tables, like tournaments, can be Limit, No-limit and Pot-limit. Most gamers play Omaha poker online in a pot-limit format, when the maximum bet size is limited by the size of the pot.

Features of the distribution of cards

Those, who play Omaha poker online free games or their money versions are dealt 4 pocket cards, after which the first round of betting begins (Preflop). It is the time to make standard poker decisions:

  • Fold — leave the game by discarding cards and not claiming to win the bank;
  • Call — place a bet equal to the big blind or the rate of the previous opponent who has increased;
  • Raise — make the bet bigger than the previous opponent made, at least twice bigger;
  • Check — not to bet (in the big blind) or not to raise if the bet has already been placed, and the opponents have equalized with it.

Players make all decisions in a strict clockwise order, starting with the player to the left of the big blind. At the end of the first round of betting, community cards are revealed on the table, which can be seen by all players and the next betting begins (the Flop). Then, the fourth card is opened — the Turn; the next auction is held, after which the players receive the last — fifth card and the game ends with the River, last auction.

Best Hand in Omaha Hi-Low

Omaha Hi-Lo is a type of poker in which, both Hi Lo combinations can be made during poker Omaha online play. The starting hands’ chart in this version is significantly different from the list of profitable starting hands in Omaha High, as the goal here is to take both pots. The player should consider it when planning his tactics.

Starting best hands to play Omaha poker online are:

  1. A-A-2-3 two suits;
  2. A-A-2-4 two suits;
  3. A-A-2-3 suited;
  4. A-A-2-5 two suits;
  5. A-A-2-4 suited;
  6. A-A-3-4 two suits;
  7. A-A-2-3 offsuit;
  8. A-A-2-2 two suits;
  9. A-A-3-5 two suits;
  10. A-A-2-6 two suits.

It is important to play Preflop with strong hands well here, although it will be more difficult to knock opponents out of the game. The hand’s potential is usually realized on the Flop. Counting outs correctly and making assumptions about the strength of the opponents’ hands is definitely the key to success.

Online poker rooms for Australians

Omaha poker rooms

In spring 2017, the Parliament of Australia took a decision to ban all online poker rooms, where players gamble for real money. However, it did not affect Aussies much (only gambling sites suffered). Now the Green Continent residents can visit most popular offshore free online poker rooms.

If an Australian is eager to play poker at a certain site but cannot enter it through the ban, the best thing he can do is to use any reliable VPN service. Another way to enjoy the game with no restrictions is known for years — it is the TOR browser. Its installation will help many players getting rid of the headache of gaming prohibitions.

Online poker rooms for AU residents

When getting acquainted with poker, a beginner is faced with a serious question about choosing private online poker rooms. They differ in the frequency of promotions and the contingent of players. Bonuses and freerolls, of course, are also one of the criteria by which one should choose an institution for playing card games. Some gamers love free tournaments, they are attracted by the freebie in poker. Poker rooms with freerolls gather a lot of players who are just learning how to play card games. For other guys, poker rooms with freerolls are not of interest, as they prefer only to play with their own money.

The popularity of these rooms reflects the rating of the number of players; it also speaks about their reliability. After all, it is natural that the gamblers gather where there is honesty and reliability on the part of the casino, and there are also ample opportunities to win and receive the won funds to a real money account.

The rating of poker rooms that are popular with Australian players looks like this:

  • Ignition casino;
  • Juicy Stakes;
  • Grand Poker;
  • SwCPoker;
  • BlackChip Poker;
  • Blockchain poker and some other online poker rooms.

The rating contains not all trusted resources for poker players, but these ones have been operating for years and during this time, they have managed to prove their reliability.

Restrictions in poker for Australians

Almost all bans and prohibitions concern the companies that wish to open in Australia casinos, where AU people can gamble and play poker for money. However, it does not mean that if an Aussie wants to enjoy the game online and finds a place to do it (for example, in the best US online poker room free resources), he will be punished. The decision of whether to play or not is up to him. However, when using a VPN during real-money play, he needs to consider the following moments like cash withdrawal and bonus availability. These questions should be discussed upon registration at a chosen site. It will be good to visit a FAQ section and chat with a casino operator. Additionally, the player is recommended to send an email containing questions that interest him, to the casino administration.

Online Poker sites in Australia


Casino players of the hot Australian land today have perfect opportunities for a cool gambling leisure. In 2020, several top online Poker sites were launched here. In order to learn how to compete well and profitably in this card game, most Australian users choose the test mode of the battle, as well as various training Poker programs.

Australian Poker sites to play for money

Virtual Poker is considered as a risky and exciting game. It is not surprising that users of Australia choose this gambling entertainment for a weekend very often. There are several amazing land-based casinos on the continent with excellent and comfortable halls and developed infrastructure. But recently, more and more Australians choose the virtual format of Poker.

How do I choose perfect online Poker sites? You have to focus on several defining criteria. For example, the best Poker portal must be licensed and meet all security requirements.

Moreover, the softest online Poker sites always has a professional customer support service. If you have any questions or misunderstandings, this customer service helps users quickly.

The best Poker sites have a generous range of games, as well as a convenient control panel that even a novice can quickly handle. And here is an optimal bonus program that gives the gamer advantages and real profits.

Virtual card battle Poker has many different varieties, including Texas Hold’em, 7-card Stud, Omaha, etc. This means that for the best game, always prefer sites where there are numerous types of Poker. Try your best in playing Poker for real money or in Demo format that are both available today on any online Poker sites in Australia. Try to become a customer of the best online casino and evaluate the advantages on your own experience.

Today, if you decide to become a client of a Poker site for real money in Australia, then start to play at the playgrounds as:

  • Online Poker sites such as ACE Play Casino;
  • Fresh Deck Poker;
  • Live Holdem Pro;
  • Governor of Poker;
  • Zynga Poker.

Such the amazing Poker platforms from the list above are available to download on any device.

Virtual trainers for learning to play Hold’em

To get know how to play Hold’em type of Poker at a professional level is not so difficult. Especially now, when many virtual training programs and free online Poker sites are available for every gamer. Practice is the perfect way to increase your Poker skills, but if you begin your learning of Poker with training resources, you will be successful faster.

Do you wish to find the best portal and train your skill in Hold’em Poker? Then, the best options for you in 2020 are: Upswing Poker Lab, MasterClass, BlackRain79, PokerSnowie. On these sites you can get the best Poker gaming experience and it won’t cost you a cent.

Famous professional Poker gamers, who constantly participate in major tournaments, participated in the development of a training program for online card games. Thanks to the free simulator sites, even Poker beginners quickly become the professional players. Online Poker trainer is not a game resource as itself. This is a particular set of topics and lessons, not just a random range of videos.

The Poker training app includes a multiple collection of games, mixed gaming modes, tournaments, and so on. You no longer need to look for an individual teacher or a coach to become a Poker expert. Just install the free Poker trainer on your gadget and practice skills.

Omaha Poker online for your entertainment


Among the varieties of Poker games, one of the most popular is Omaha. The rules here are not very different from the classic version, but still novice players should pay attention to some nuances. If you are familiar with the rules of Texas Hold’em, then it will be much easier to understand the specifics of Omaha Poker online no download.

Free and paid Omaha play without downloading

Omaha round starts with the dealer handing out cards to the participants. It goes with a 52-sheet deck. The main feature of this Poker game is that gamers get 4 pocket cards, but they only use 2 of them to make combinations. For comparison, in Texas Hold’em, participants in the round receive two cards from the dealer. Thus, it is considered that the chances of getting a valuable hand in Omaha Poker online are higher than in Hold’em.

The process of dealing cards in Omaha is very similar to other Poker games, such as Hold’em. In the online game, the deal button starts the round. The distribution takes place in a clockwise direction and at this time, the participants place their bets. In each round, participants make stakes such as small and large blinds.

An important feature of Omaha Poker online real money is that unlike Texas Poker, here you have the alternative of using both of your cards, only one of them, or none at all. According to the instructions for the Omaha round, the player makes a hand of two of their own and three common cards.

In order to become an absolute winner in the Omaha round, you need to collect the strongest combination of 5 cards. Here are the same card hands as in Texas Poker. In Omaha, the chances of winning with higher hands are stronger on average, but weak combinations for Omaha, such as Two Pairs or the Highest Card lose their value completely here. Therefore, in general, Omaha is one of the most risky Poker games.

Today, most gambling sites in Australia offer paid and free Poker formats to gamers. In order not to waste time installing the Omaha Poker app, modern casino users prefer the offline format without downloading. This is a convenient option for active gamers who prefer to play without restrictions in time and space.

According to users themselves the best sites to play virtual Omaha without downloading in 2020 are:

  • Omaha Poker online at 888 Poker;
  • Poker Stars;
  • Unibet;
  • Party Poker.

Omaha is also interesting because there are several types of it: Pot limit, unlimited game and Omaha fixed. These types of playing differ in their betting features.

Omaha Poker odds calculator

How do I learn to win Omaha Poker online game? Read the rules, memorize the card combinations and use a virtual calculator to count the odds in this game. You can find this app on the Internet and download to your device. It works very simply: the user fills the special fields with cards in the calculator app that correspond to the cards that fell out during the hand, and then the probability of winning the round is displayed on the screen.

Now you can download the odds calculator for playing free online Omaha Poker games without money. However, before you do this, make sure that you have selected a reliable download resource. To do this, check the license of this gambling portal and read the reviews of real players.

Omaha odds calculator is very easy to use. With its help, the player often wins online Poker rounds. All calculations of cards are performed thanks to this program incredibly quickly and correctly. Also, an important advantage of such a computing device is its accessible format. You can use the program for free.

By the way, you do not have to download a computer program to your computer. In 2020, many Internet sites offer online calculators that are available without downloading.

Texas Hold’em Poker Online with Friends – Best Poker Apps

Texas Holdem Poker

With modern technology and the Internet, everyone can set up a home poker game – it’s easy and fast. Playing well with friends will be a lot of fun and excitement, especially for the winners. There are many options allowing to play Texas Hold’em poker online with friends – much more than you can customize in the real world. So, if you want the best poker experience with your friends, you don’t have to go to a land-based casino – there are many poker apps at your disposal. In this guide, we’ll show you how to play Texas Hold’em poker with friends on the go. There are some of the best poker platforms out there that deserve the attention of any poker enthusiast. So, sit back and read this post to the end.

Texas Hold’em Facebook Apps

There are many Facebook-based poker apps such as Texas Hold’Em Poker by Zinga Inc, WSOP or Boyaa Texas Poker that offer a wide range of game options. You can choose between cash games and tournaments to play Texas Hold’em poker online with friends anytime right on the move. Nice graphics, well-designed games, the ability to invite friends and a lot of free chips as rewards are the best features of these apps.

Hold’em Tournaments with Friends

Tournaments, with their competitive spirit, can be the best choice for playing Hold’em. However, the game ends after you have been knocked out, which is the only drawback of this format. So, if you don’t plan on starting a new tournament right away, this could be a short evening for some of your friends – or maybe for yourself. So, you should consider rebuys so that those who busted out too early can return to the game. Overall, Texas Hold’em poker online with friends is a delightful option that deserves your attention.

Hold’em Cash Games with Friends

Cash games are the best poker format for beginners and home games alike as you can simply buy-in again if busted. On the other hand, the cash game is a poor motivator for players to play the right poker – they may use their chips recklessly. To solve this problem, you can give some initial bankroll to each participant. However, all this does not matter when you play cash games for real money.

How to Add Friends

Each app offers roughly the same mechanism for inviting friends. You need to do the following:

  • Find poker enthusiasts on Facebook to play Texas Hold’em poker online with friends who have joined through this social network. After receiving your invitation, they will be able to join the game.
  • Using the in-app functionality, search for players who are currently using the poker app.
  • Generate a special code to invite those to whom you send this code.

There is nothing easier than inviting your friends to play poker and enjoy the exciting game action. With poker apps, you can quickly set up and play an online poker game with your friends.

Poker Online – Invite Friends to Play the Most Popular Card Game

poker with friends

With the popularity of the poker game growing so much due to the high-developed online poker community, it would be nice to be able to play your favorite card game with your friends – and there is! Many websites allow you to play poker online, invite friends and enjoy gameplay that combines two important attributes – will of chance and tactical action. With the right app, you can create a private poker club to play Texas Hold’em and other popular variations of the game right on the move. Such apps allow you to set up poker games quickly, easily and completely free. With these features, you can prepare for important poker events like the WSOP tournaments. So, don’t miss your chance to improve your game by playing with your friends for fun without any financial investment.

Zynga Poker – Invite Friends to Play Texas Hold’em

Presented as a Facebook app, Zinga poker has grown into a major online platform offering a wide variety of gaming options including Vegas Texas Hold’em offering higher stakes – so you can get the Las Vegas experience without leaving your home. While the Zinga app often rewards players with free chips, you can buy additional chips from its brand store. With its rich graphics, thoughtful gameplay and the ability to play with friends, this app is the best option for every poker enthusiast.

So, you can choose from four available options to add friends to the game:

  1. Using the Facebook Connect feature to invite friends who are connected to Zinga through this social media.
  2. With Friend Code feature that generates a special code – send it to your friend so he can find you in the game. This option allows you to connect friends bypassing Facebook.
  3. Zynga poker online Invite Friends feature to play the poker option of your choice – Texas Hold’em, Sit n Go or other versions.
  4. Suggested Friends feature to see players who are online and add them to the game.

Although Zinga includes in-app purchases, you can keep your game going with free chips.

WSOP Online Poker – Invite Friends to Participate in Best Events

The poker tournament is an exciting game format that brings out the competitive side of popular card game. By installing the WSOP app, you can play poker online, invite friends to World Series of Poker tournaments and bust opponents one by one to feel the atmosphere of a real competition. With this app, you will feel the thrill of the game by participating in the most prestigious series of poker tournaments in the world! As for playing with friends, the mechanism for adding players to the game is similar to Zinga.

So, to play poker with friends, you don’t have to look for the nearest brick-and-mortar casino. Now, you can go to the app store of your mobile platform, download online poker, invite friends and enjoy the gameplay while improving your playing skills.

Mobile Online Poker Sites Is The Best Chance For The US Players

poker sites

Poker is the most widely-played game that brings bright emotions and good income. Today top US Mobile Online Poker Sites offer the best bonuses and lots of gaming opportunities.

Top No Deposit Bonus Websites For The USA Players

The USA citizens are desperate players, that’s why there is a great variety of online casinos on the American market. The following operators are awesome as they give a wonderful gaming experience and a great diversity of no deposit bonuses.

  • Partypoker is an icon of the modern poker industry. This modern casino offers 25 $ to all the new players. If you join the casino, you can experience all the best the poker room has to offer.
  • Unibet Poker is targeted at the recreational players who like choosing unusual avatars and fast-paced games. No deposit bonus for new players amounts to 10$. Besides, you can use various promo codes to get free chips and other bonuses
  • GGpoker provides various kinds of sign-up bonuses via promo codes. This is one of the most innovative Mobile Online Poker Sites on the market offering lots of games, and good winnings.
  • PokerStars is known as the world’s largest poker room. This top-class operator is an obvious choice for all the poker enthusiasts as it provides 1000$ daily welcome freerolls.
  • 888poker revamped their platform and game selection. In our days this operator became one of the best poker rooms with a global reach. It offers 88$ welcome bonus to all the new participants.

Generally speaking, all these casinos are great for the Americans. These websites offer their favorite poker games and various promotions. To get the bonuses, you don’t need to spend your own money. Play with the trusted operators to minimize all the risks and get a positive experience.

How To Pay By Mobile Online Poker Sites

How To Pay By Mobile Online Poker

Any poker casino offers online payment options. That’s very convenient as there’s no need to go anywhere to make a deposit. Besides, you can pay safely and securely as all the user data are protected with special protocols. Here is the brief instruction on how to pay online.

  1. Enable this feature in your account by clicking the necessary option.
  2. Select the appropriate method. Online payments can be made via a bank transfer, Visa or MasterCard cards, pre-paid vouchers, and e-wallets.
  3. Make sure the payment is completed. In some cases, you need to enter security codes in the special field.

On the whole, gambling isn’t just a hobby for many people in the USA. Any player can get life-changing sums of money in the relaxing home atmosphere. If you master poker, you can enjoy no deposit bonuses and all the other opportunities offered by the modern poker platforms.

Poker Mobile Android Software Is The Way To Your Success

poker mobile

Modern people like mobility. They admire comfort and convenience wherever they are. Would you like to play casino games using your smartphone or a tablet? In our days poker mobile Android games are widespread and any player can download such an app from the casino web site and play it for real money or for free. Such mobiles apps feature the full functionality and players can enjoy the best gaming experience and get their winnings in time.

Android Mobile Real Money Poker Websites

Poker enthusiasts have a chance to win good money playing this game. All you need to do, is master poker and play at a reliable website. The following operators are the most popular and they let you play and win real money:

  • PartyPoker is a well-known poker room that is admired by the gamblers for the upscale tournaments.
  • PokerStars became popular due to their promotions and reward system.
  • Bwin offers great loyalty rewards. You can earn 1 loyalty point for each dollar paid in rake or tournament fees.
  • Boylepoker is a trusted sportsbook with a special poker network. It is loved for their low tournament fees, generous signup bonus and other promotions.
  • 888Poker is a real legend in the world of poker. This website became a real paradise for poker enthusiasts.
  • Click any of the banners or download buttons on the casino website page while using an Android device.
  • Remember that Full Tilt Poker Mobile Android app is not listed on the Google Play store.
  • Make sure your Android version and the screen resolution are compatible with the app.
  • As soon as the download is completed, click the Install button and follow the instructions.
  • When the icon apperas on the desktop, the installment is completed and you may start playing.

Multiplayer poker online with friends free apps for a great time

Multiplayer poker online

There is nothing more interesting than playing multiplayer poker online with friends free. For this, applications with a special function were created. You just need to download to your phone and invite your friends to a separate table. Below is a list of the best apps that make you feel comfortable at your poker table online with your friends and relatives. Which online best games are the most popular for playing with your friends?

Multiplayer poker online with friends free apps: features and benefits of applications

Nowadays, poker is gaining popularity. There are a huge number of clubs specializing in conducting games and training for beginners. However, it is much more convenient to play poker without leaving your home. You just need to find the right application and have a stable Internet connection.

After novice players more or less get used to the new space, they strive to assemble their team. As a rule, experienced players play on the network, which are very difficult to compete with. One way out of this situation is to play poker online with friends. In order to play poker games, you need:

  1. Find the best free apps to start playing multiplayer poker online with friends free on your local network.
  2. Press the “Home Games” button, after which a new window will appear with a list of closed games / clubs.
  3. Click “Create a poker club” or join an existing club.
  4. Send the invitation code to your friend or several friends at once.
  5. Discuss the date / time of the game + set the buy-in, limit and more.
  6. Also agree on the discipline and format of the tournament.
Multiplayer poker

The creator of a separate room has the right to edit the list of invitees at his discretion. You can invite guests by the link, also the administrator can consider applications for the game. The best poker multiplayer with friends free apps are “PokerStars”, “888 Poker” and “Party Poker”.

List of the best online games to play with friends

Gathering a weekend with friends is not always possible. Sometimes friends live in other cities, and meeting is often quite difficult. And in order to get together at a virtual poker table, you only need Internet access to play best online poker with friends. What games are the most popular for free multiplayer poker with friends? Let’s consider some of them:

  • Texas Hold’em;
  • Omaha;
  • Omaha hi-low;
  • 5-card Omaha;
  • Stud hi-low.

In order to play poker with no registration, you do not need to install any additional programs. It is enough to open the appropriate section in the mobile application or on the official website and start the game.